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Dr. Edward Barker, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Ed Barker, I first started getting chiropractic adjustments at the age of 13. While getting adjustments, I became intrigued about how I would be able to help many people if I became a chiropractor. Upon graduating high school, I continued on to Texas Chiropractic College for my Doctorate of Chiropractic, and to continue in a life pursuit of helping people regain balance and to fulfill their highest potential of life. I have continued in chiropractic over forty years with certifications in acupuncture, activator, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, who switched off my brain, and many more studies of lifetime learning to better assist my patients and clients. I believe in straight principled chiropractic, because chiropractic is about being totally connected in spirit, mind and body, being 100% alive and able to accomplish what you want and need to do with your life. I believe that chiropractic adjustments allow the body to heal itself, as God designed. I believe chiropractic care should be affordable to everyone for their full health potential.

MY STORY: Glen Edward Barker

As a young teenager, I suffered with chronic sinus drainage, severe bronchitis, yearly bouts of the flu lasting for a couple of weeks at a time, farsighted vision, eye strain, reoccurring headaches and trouble concentrating in my school work which affected my grades. I was usually able to survive most of these symptoms and conditions but I began to notice that I felt tired, irritable and slightly discouraged a lot of the time and began to lose my attention and interest in many of the activities I used to enjoy. Not really knowing much about these things, and not feeling well, I was like most young teens with similar experiences in their lives: I followed the advise of the doctors my parents took me to and took the shots, vaccinations, pills, prescriptions and over-the-counter symptom relieving drugs recommended for me at the time and felt like I was doing the right thing or what was supposed to help me get “well”. However one day my mother happen to go to a chiropractor and got great relief to the point that the migraine head ache she usually suffered with over several years for 2 or 3 days at a time, requiring staying in a totally dark and quiet room for hours was gone in 20 minutes just after one adjustment he made in her neck. Well, not only was that like a miracle for my mother who decided she needed to start taking Chiropractic adjustments regularly, but I wondered how that was even possible with all the medication her doctor used to prescribe for her for years, but never got such quick seemingly permanent results. The Chiropractor explained that the body had the ability to heal itself as long as there was no interference and that even if symptoms were relieved immediately, the body needed time to heal and repair itself once the interference was corrected. He said that, just taking a drug usually when it worked, did the job of stopping a symptom but didn’t remove the interference. As a result of the interference not being taken care of, the symptoms would return in the same place and in other locations in the body and the entire process would start all over again and cause the same body to become weaker, and sicker requiring more treatments, medication and possibly even more severe and drastic measures to control or manage other disease conditions in the future. He explained that what he described had become a pattern in our society as a result of treating symptoms, sickness, weakness and disease instead of cultivating and developing real health in the body. He stated that natural pure food, water and air were essential for life and health but that the natural energy in the body that is generated in the brain, that flows thru the central nervous system to every part of the body was an overlooked and underrated essential that Chiropractic adjustments along with the other essentials could restore the connection that the interference had caused